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Advans Questions and Answers

  • What areas do Advans cover?
  • How can I know that Advans will reach my target audience?
  • Are there hidden costs?
  • What size and material are the posters, and how are they fixed on?
  • Lead times, turnaround and bookings?
  • How many hours do the vans work for each day?
  • Have the vans light and sound?
  • Finally, what can I do to help make the campaign a success?
  • Reporting and Photos

What areas do Advans cover?

Advans UK operate out of evenly spaced bases located in London and Harrogate allowing a complete nationwide coverage. Due to this regionality we are able to keep our logistical costs as low as possible and in doing so we can hand savings back to you the client or agency.

We are also available to work, and have previously operated in Ireland and mainland Europe please contact us re costs.

Finally, what can I do to make the campaign a success?

In order to do a successful job we need you to help supply us with the tools.

1. Booking the campaign: Allow plenty of time when booking to guarantee availability.

2. Decide what the goals are for your campaign. Is it brand awareness, product launch, recruitment or call to action? Whatever the aim, design the posters accordingly for a concise, informative message. Think about the balance between images and content, colour, font style and size and background colours.

3. While the posters are being produced use the time to email or send us the routes and contact details etc The sooner we have this information the easier it is to organise, distribute and brief our drivers. Our drivers always go to their destination and accommodation the day before so they are on site ready to start the next morning.

4. It is easier if they depart with all the routes/contact details with them so please help us by sending the info 3-4 days before the start. We do try to be flexible and do appreciate things will change. Routes can be complex in which case our drivers will follow the plan, taking photos on route, or you may just specify a town/city where our experienced drivers will hit all the high footfall areas - retails parks, high streets, main roads, shopping centres etc/

5. Make sure the driver has the contact details and vice-versa. If the contact on site or agency can communicate with our drivers then last minute changes or targets can be implemented. The drivers will normally report in and report out on a regular basis as the client wishes. Promovan drivers use sign in/out activity sheets documenting locations and photos to demonstrate routes. If you do experience any problems please let head office know immediately as we can react at the time rather than retrospectively.

Lead times, turnaround and bookings?

Due to our large Advan fleet we can usually accommodate a last minute booking. Any delay normally arises from a delay in ready artwork and physical printing times. If we receive ready artwork (all specifications are on our 'artwork specification' section under 'Promovans') then we can usually print and position the posters in 2-3 days.

Ideally, in order to guarantee a smooth trouble free process we suggest you send us the ready artwork 7 days prior to the start date. As in most industries the longer the preparation and booking period the easier the campaign execution!

How many hours do the vans work for each day?

The vans operate a standard 8 hour day. This is normally 9am-5pm but may alter according to your needs. Perhaps you want to target earlier commuters and start at 7am- 3pm or catch the public on the way home from 11am-7pm. either way the 8 hours starts when the van is on location and end when it departs from the location. Extra free exposure time is gained when the vans are going to and from the location.

Have the vans light and sound?

The Promovans have back-lighting for night work and winter evenings. Always check this when booking advans as some competitors do not offer this and you will lose vital paid for hours in the winter evenings during rush hour.

If a competitor offers sound or a PA system then do not get misled by this as they have probably neglected to understand the laws relating to the 'Noise Pollution Act' landing you potentially in trouble!

How can I know that Advans will reach my target audience?

Until fairly recently even the Outdoor Static Billboard industry had no measurement tools to quantify campaigns. This has now changed and these measurement systems are now in place; Outdoor Advertsing is one of the fastest growing and credible advertising mediums.

The Outdoor Advertising Association or OAA has recorded very favourable data in demonstrating mobile advertising effectiveness.

As Advans can easily target areas of high pedestrian activity, recognised footfall figures can be utilised and exposure calculated based on the time the vehicle spends at designated locations during certain times of the day.

Are there hidden costs?

No, the only costs are the daily hire charge per unit as explained in our 'costs' section and the poster cost for a set PVC Vinyl posters. Please call re poster costs.

Driver costs, insurance, fuel, accommodation, parking etc are all included in the daily hire charge per unit. Only if you add extra days/hours or locations on top of an already agreed campaign then you may incur some additional costs.

What size and material are the posters, and how are they fixed on?

Our posters are applied using keder rails or high tech staple guns The posters are an industry standard 48-sheet poster measuring 20 feet x 10 feet landscape. All poster specifications can be found on the 'artwork specifications' section under 'Advans’, ‘Adbikes’ or ‘Adtrailers’.

Unlike our competitors who often use paper on the side of their vans, we will only accept PVC Vinyls or banners for the following reasons:

- They are much more durable, so don't easily succumb to creases, folds and detachments.

- The long shelf-life means that the PVC Vinyls can still be in action after 12 months.

- It is easy to apply patches and overlays as your message changes, offering flexibility.

Our posters are applied using either Keder rails or high tech staple gun. Unlike other Advan businesses we have developed a 'lip' system at the leading edge of the poster area that prevents the wind from getting behind the posters and creasing them. This is by far the most flexible system coupled with the special material behind the posters which allows the posters to be applied and transported on long trips without the need for removal. Some competitors use frames and other conventional methods which are not flexible and cause hours of wasted time as posters are changed and replaced, which you have to pay for!

Advans do not believe in covering all the visible parts of the van as the 'busy' 'clutter' effect detracts from the clarity of the message making the poster van look like a scruffy mobile fly-posting object!

Reporting and Photos:

At Advans UK we believe in delivering a comprehensive service from planning, campaign execution and follow up service after the campaign is completed. We will send you a campaign report, photos on route and GPS report if requested.


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