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Advans UK provide a large and diverse fleet of Advans that include:

- Advans
- 'Backlit' Advans
- Digital Advans

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a range of options and the relevant technology to deliver successful, effective and targeted campaigns.


Advans Uk’s traditional style ‘A’ frames are as popular as ever, this is not just down to their ability to deliver messages to the targeted audience profile anywhere and anytime but through the accountability using reporting, satellite tracking and photos. Two 48-sheet size posters (20ft x 10ft or 6 x 3 mtrs) on each side coupled with the opportunity to place a rear and front poster makes these advans highly effective at reaching the audience on all sides at street level.

Backlit Advans:

Backlit Advans are vertical in design also using 48-sheet posters on each side but have the capability to be backlit internally to truly standout on winter evenings or during nightime campaigns. The premier backlit vans are like taking a static backlit billboard poster with the advantage of been mobile, dynamic and versatile in where and who they can go and target.

Digital Advans:

In keeping our commitment to innovation and technological progression, Advans UK has taken the concept of static poster advans and with the use of digital screens has developed digital advans. The screens allow rich content in the form of videos, audio and slide shows to be utilised to amplify the impact of advans in the outdoor arena. Added benefits like Bluetooth on board which allows messages to be delivered to the audience with enabled phones and a contemporary look and feel produce a real buzz wherever they go.

Advans are effective for:

  • Nationwide Regional or local advertising
  • Store openings & refurbishments
  • Product & service launches
  • Brand building and awareness
  • Targetting competitors
  • Poster Unveiling
  • Point of Sale
  • Sports events

Advans benefits include:

  • 2 large 48-sheet posters (20ft x 10ft)
  • Low cost per thousand
  • Solus Advertising
  • High impact, cost effective
  • Nationwide
  • Accountability
  • Fully insures (Public & product liability)
  • Expereinced staffing (no agency)
  • PR opportunities
  • Extended reach & coverage
  • Satellite tracked


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